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Frequently Asked Questions

About Employment and General Enquiries

Q: How do I get a job as a ____________ (firefighter, lookout tower person, etc.)?

A: The Hinton Training Centre does not hire these types of positions directly; generally we train them after they have been hired. For information on these types of positions please see the Recruitment Pages or contact your local WF Forest Area/National Training Contacts or the Alberta Wildfire Coordination Centre (AWCC) office at 780-427-6807. For general Government job posting see the Government of Alberta jobs website.

Q: What about seasonal employment?

A: For information on seasonal employment, please click on the "Recruitment" link for information on our rappel, helitack, emergency firefighting crews and other related programs. Training is provided after one meets the necessary prerequisites and is accepted into the program. For further assistance, contact the AWCC office at 780-427-6807.

I want to take the ___________ (Wildfire Crew Member, Fireline Safety Officer, etc.) course. Can I do that as a member of the public?

A: The Hinton Training Centre is a provincial government facility. Our mandate is to train provincial government employees and stakeholders who provide services for us. For that reason we generally do not train the public. For most courses you would need to get hired by the Forestry Division first (please see the Recruitment Pages) and then you would be sent to the course by the Forest Area office. If you are a contractor or member of the public looking to provide services to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, contact your local WF Forest Area/National Training Contacts or the AWCC office at 780-427-6807. If they see a benefit to sending you to the course, they may approve and submit your name for training. Please be aware that many courses get over-subscribed and even if approved, there is no guarantee that a seat will be available.

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Q: I am from another wildfire agency and interested in taking some of your courses, what do I need to do?

A: In the spirit of interagency provincial cooperation we welcome other public wildfire agencies. Most times we can fit at least one person from your organization into our course. You will be charged the standard rate. 
Q: I am interested in fighting wildfires, what type of courses would I need? 

A: Thank you for your interest in the wildfire courses offered at the Hinton Training Centre. Most of our firefighting courses occur in the spring (March-May). These courses are designed to train primarily "in-house" Forestry Division seasonal employees who are being sponsored by a Forest Area office. 
Q: I want to register to take a firefighter course, how do I do this? 

A: You will need to contact your local WF Forest Area/National Training Contacts to discuss sponsorship. They will decide on what type of training you may need.

Q: What type of wildfire courses do you offer?

A:    Forest Management Courses at a Glance January 17, 2018. 
        Wildfire Management Courses at a Glance July 17 2018.

For the latest listing of course dates and course leader information check our main "Our Programs" tab. You can also find the course descriptions, prerequisites and costs at this location.

The HTC specifically offers both "member" and "leader" courses that cover all aspects of fighting wildfires. For more information on Wildfire Crew Leader courses contact Scott Elliott at 780-865-8299, for Wildfire Crew Member courses contact Jerrad Schroeder at 780-865-8219, for Firetack Crew Leader courses contact Kevin A. Hakes at 780-865-8372.

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Outsourcing and Contractors

Q: Do you offer courses outside of the Hinton Training Centre? Who can teach these courses?

A: Outsourcing of training to the private sector for the Wildfire/Firetack Crew Member crews is available through regional colleges such as Portage College in Lac La Biche, AB and NAIT in Edmonton, AB. The training providers/instructors typically supplies this course to prospective employees. For an approved list of registered instructors and training providers see the 2018 Training Provider Information [PDF (140 KB)]) document.

Q: How do I become a Firetack Crew Member Training Provider?

A: In order to put on a Type 1 (Firetack) course you need to be a registered training provider. See our 2018 Outsourcing Policy Manual [PDF (507)] for more information.

About Course Materials

Q: I am from another wildfire agency. How can we obtain/use your course material?

A: If you are a not-for-profit agency we will usually supply you the material at no cost. The only thing we require is that you acknowledge the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Hinton Training Centre in any of our written materials.

If you are a for-profit agency we do not generally supply material unless there is, in our opinion, a benefit to doing so. Please contact the Hinton Training Centre, 780-865-8200 for more information. We do not supply any training material to the general public.

Hinton Training Centre Booking Information        


Q: Who can book into the Centre?

A: HTC accommodates programs within one of the following criteria of HTCs Mandate:

Priority 1:

  • All divisions of Agriculture and Forestry;
  • Other Government departments which includes Alberta Environment and Parks, Justice and Solicitor General and Alberta Infrastructure;
  • Partners which include Foothills Research Institute, FP Innovations, and Athabasca Water Shed Council;
  • Post-Secondary Education in Sustainable Natural Resources which includes NAITs Forest Technology program, University programs offering Renewable Resources or forestry programs; and
  • Service Providers which include private-sector delivery of wildfire training on behalf of the Forestry Division.

Priority 2:

  • Other National Government departments and Territories outside Alberta;
  • Federal Government agencies;
  • Municipalities;
  • Youth Groups, offering renewable resources or forestry programs;
  • Law Enforcement, disaster services and health care;
  • Public Education and Outreach; and
  • Town of Hinton non-profit groups must book through the Town of Hinton.

For more information, please contact Client Services at 780-865-8200.

Can I have my wedding reception at HTC?

A: No, HTC does not compete with the Town of Hinton businesses.

Q: Can a photographer use the Centres grounds as a background for taking wedding or graduation pictures?

A: Yes, please contact Client Services at 780-865-8200 with your date and timeline.

Q: Who do I contact if I want to book the Centre as a non-profit group?

A: Your first contact would be Yvette Donais of the Town of Hinton at 780-865-6028 or ydonais@hinton.ca