Wildfire Training

Wildfire Management Branch
Hinton Training Centre

Courses open to Government of AB Employees, Contractors and Guests

Every year, the Hinton Training Centre delivers about 45 wildfire-related training courses to more than 1,000 students. Students learn the art of fighting wildfires from some of North America's top instructors, using a combination of face-to-face and interactive training.

Students must meet strict certification, safety, and physical fitness standards to be eligible to protect Alberta's valuable forest resources.

Helitack Rappel, WFCL, WFCM, Firetack Crew Leaders, Firetack Crew Members, and Firetack Crews are trained at HTC.

HTC also provides advanced training for Forestry Division staff who fill senior roles within the Incident Command System, a fire management organizational program, used to fight wildfire quickly and effectively.

Also available are a number of wildfire training courses that can be field delivered by in-house qualified trainers or by approved registered contractors. See our FAQs on how to apply to be a training provider or registered instructor.