Training Aids (video's)

The following videos are wildfire orientated.

These videos are short, unscripted clips designed as training aids to give fire crews and supervisors some additional supplemental training ideas. We suggest watching the videos, then go out into the field to try out the techniques demonstrated in the videos.

We are always looking for additional ideas for similar videos. If you have any suggestions for other videos, please feel free to contact us.

Email any comments or suggestions to Scott Elliott or call Scott at 780-865-8299.

Video 1    Tying a Melon  
Video 2    Spruce Bough Filter
Video 3    Flooded Pump
Video 4    Loss of Prime
Video 5    Missing Intake Hose
Video 6    Missing Foot Valve
Video 7    Trouble Shooting a Broken Recoil
Video 8    Missing or Defective Fuel Line 
Video 9    Bucket Hookup