Wildfire Management Branch
Hinton Training Centre

Courses open to Government of AB Employees, Contractors and Guests

HTC Training Opportunities

The Hinton Training Centre (HTC) plays a key role in ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources mandated under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. One of our key functions is to develop and deliver training to forest and land managers and fire suppression personnel to ensure the sustainability of those resources and to protect life and property.

Courses are open to Government of Alberta Employees, Contractors and Guests.

Forestry Division Courses

The value of forest resource in Alberta continues to increase, and its protection relies on a modern, efficient and effective fire program. A full range of Forest Management and Wildfire Management courses are offered at the HTC to meet the needs of the department.

Hinton Training Centre Rates Directive

The Hinton Training Centre Rates Directive outlines the rates for meals, accommodations, registration fees, equipment and facility rental costs and the cancellation policy for the Centre. The directive is empowered by the Regulation under the Forests Act. The department reviews costs regularly to ensure they reflect the cost of delivery; these costs are now reflected in the posted directive and are in effect as of July 1, 2016.

Our Programs

Forest Management Training

Our products and services include:

1. Internal training of departmental staff in forest management programs.

2. Development of forest management training for internal clients based on departmental needs.

3. Train external clients in courses such as Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI), Forest Health and Scaling.

4. Database administration for certification programs. Collaborative training development with third parties and accredited institutions such as the University of Alberta (Forestry Commons Distance Based Learning Website), Research organizations, ENFORM, etc.

Wildfire Training

HTC plays a key role in protecting forests within Alberta and provides intensive training for wildfire personnel and stakeholders. HTC uses conventional training with an emphasis on hands-on learning as well as some non-conventional high-tech training aids such as: Interactive fire behaviour and fire safety training programs; and a wildfire simulator [PDF (43.3 KB)] that places students in realistic situations, without the dangers and cost of an actual fire.

Over 1,000 individuals attend department and multi-agency fire courses each year. These courses earn national recognition for the Centre in the field of Wildfire training.

Training Services - Online Training

What we do: The provision of online course design and delivery services, for HTC and its partners, including support in curriculum design, transference of face-to-face content, learning activity, and assessments to online delivery. We are working towards an online Learning Management System (LMS), which supports: improved business effectiveness, efficiency, and cost savings in administrative processes and systems. For more information on online courses see Online Training Courses and Resources.

Multi-Agency Training

HTC is actively involved with the development and delivery of multi-agency and national training courses. These courses are designed to meet the mutual needs of participating Canadian Agencies.