ICS I-100

This module can be completed in two to four hours of self-paced study time.


ICS Orientation is designed to help you learn the principles of the Incident Command System and to briefly acquaint you with the basic ICS structure and terminology.

ICS Orientation is intended for personnel assigned to an incident or event who have a minimum requirement for understanding ICS. This module reviews the ICS organization, basic terminology, and common responsibilities. It will provide enough information about the Incident Command System to enable you to work in a support role at an incident or event, or to support an incident from an off-site location.

This module may also be used as a pre-course study program by personnel who will be continuing their training with additional modules.

At the conclusion of this self-study module, you should be able to do the following:

1. List the five major organizational activities within the Incident Command System and explain their primary functions.

2. Give the titles, and explain the duties of Command and General Staff members.

3. Match organizational units to appropriate Operations, Planning, Logistics, or Finance Sections.

4. Match supervisory titles with appropriate levels within the organization.

5. Describe the terms used to name major incident facilities, and state the function of each.

6. Describe what an Incident Action Plan is and how it is used at an incident.

7. Describe how span of control functions within the incident organization and in the use of resources.

8. Describe the common responsibilities (general instructions) associated with incident or event assignments.

9. Describe several applications for the use of ICS. 
 For successful completion of this course, you must receive a minimum of 70% average score on the final exam.

A self-study examination is located at the back of the module.

ICS I-100 Self-Paced Student Workbook [PDF (451 KB)]

ICS I-100 Self-Paced Final Examination [PDF (37.4 KB)]

Suggested Reading

There are other ICS National Training Curriculum materials which will help you understand this course material more easily. You may wish to obtain copies of the following documents:

ICS Position Descriptions & Responsibilities [PDF 92.1 ( KB)]