Online Scaling 2016 (limited eligibility)

Natascha Forneris

Course Fee Non-department cost: $50


This course is not open to members of the public.

Review of scaling legislation, basic log measurements, smalian scale, and mass scale.

The Scaling Refresher 105 covers content that was previously covered in the first classroom day of the refresher course. To receive renewal of scaling certificate, learners must complete online, classroom/field and exam components of Scaling 105.

You may be a learner seeking to scale timber in Alberta, or you may be a Forest Officer looking to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind scaling, but either way, once you have completed this course, you will be familiar with:

1. Alberta's Scaling program
2. Timber dispositions: types, codes and crown dues
3. Basic log measurements
4. Approved scaling methods
5. Mass scaling

There are 18 self-knowledge checks throughout the course.

Approximately three hours learning time.

To Register:

Registration for the Scaling Refresher 105 classroom course is announced by email through a Call for Candidate process approximately 10 to 12 weeks prior to course start dates.

For Government of Alberta employees, the Call for Candidates email is sent to specific FM training contacts. Industry scalers will be notified by the Government Provincial Scaling Supervisor.

Approved Government of Alberta employees and industry scalers must contact the identified FM Forest Area training contact for access.

Contact the course leader listed at the top of this page for general enquires regarding this online course or the Scaling Refresher 105 course content.