Online Aircraft Management

Jerrad Schroeder


This course is not open to members of the public.

Review of:
  • SOP's for Aircraft Management
  • Unused mins
  • Request - FP 42
  • Flight Plan - Passenger Cargo Manifest - TDG
  • Flight Following and A/C Emergency Response Processes
  • AO-02/Hobbs Meter
  • Pilots Duty Day + Flight Time + Legal Up/Down
  • U/S Aircraft
  • Aviation Occurrence Report

1. Apply the department's aircraft management section standard operating procedures
2. Complete a daily flight report
3. Complete an unserviceable aircraft report
4. Complete an aviation occurrence report

There are two self-knowledge checks throughout the course.

Approximately one hour learning time.

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Approved Government of Alberta employees and contractors must contact the identified WF Forest Area training contact for access.

Contact the course leader listed at the top of this page for general enquires regarding the online Aircraft Management course content.