Firetack Crew Leader

FIRES-033 (This course is not open to the public)  
September 6-13, 2017
March 15-22, 2018
September 5-12, 2018
March 14-21, 2019

7 days/starts at 1 p.m./ends at noon (Session 1 Wed-Wed) (Session 2 Thu-Thu). Mandatory fitness 6 - 7 a.m.

Kevin A. Hakes


The Firetack Crew Leader training course is delivered two times during the 2-year training period.

Session 1

Sept 6-13, 2017 (Wed-Wed)

Sept 5-12, 2018 (Wed-Wed)
Session 2 Mar 15-22, 2018 (Thu-Thu)
Mar 14-21, 2019 (Thu-Thu)

This course is designed to fill the role of Firetack Crew Leaders on wildfires. Training includes the Incident Command System as it relates to the firetack crew leader on large wildfires, as well as leadership, crew preparedness, fire weather and fire behaviour, fire weather index, assessments, safety, aircraft, and fireline operations. Labs include compassing and pacing, GPS, pumps, hose-lays, and strategies and tactics. Participation in physical fitness training is mandatory.