Scaling 100

September 18-22, 2017
May 14-18, 2018
September 17-21, 2018
May 13-17, 2019

5 full days (Mon-Fri)

Natascha Forneris

Course Fee
Non-department cost: $500


The Scaling 100 course is delivered two times during the 2- year training period.

Session 1    Sept 18-22, 2017 (Mon-Fri) Sept 17-21, 2018 (Mon-Fri)

Session 2    May 14-18, 2018 (Mon-Fri) May 13-17, 2019 (Mon-Fri) 

In Alberta, legislation requires that harvested timber be scaled to determine a volume of sound wood that is acceptable for reporting and payment of Crown dues.

This course will:

1. Explain the process of mass scaling and discuss how mass scaling applies to each of the approved scaling methods. 

2. Outline the key components of Alberta's Scaling Program and relate the role of scaling to sustainable forest management.

3. Explain the importance of timber dispositions and utilization standard to the correct application of standard scaling codes and Crown charges.

4. Provide you with the basics for obtaining accurate log measurements using standard scaling tools.

Personnel who attend this course and pass the scaling examinations are eligible to receive a scalar's permit allowing them to scale timber in Alberta for a period of five years.

The Alberta Timber Scaling Manual may be downloaded prior to the course.