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Alberta State of the Environment: 1997 Report - Terrestrial Ecosystems

Information about Alberta's diverse landscapes - grasslands, parkland, forests, Canadian Shield, mountains and foothills. The report describes Alberta's natural regions, the major land uses in each (such as forestry, mining and agriculture) and how we are managing these important ecosystems.

196 Pages

Alberta State of the Environment: 1999 Report - Wildlife

An overview of Alberta's wildlife, including both plants and animals. Describes the status of Alberta species in general terms and how wildlife populations are evaluated to identify species at risk.

69 Pages
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Alberta State of the Environment: 1996 Report - Aquatic Ecosystems

An overview of Alberta’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. The report provides information about water supply, water quality and how our aquatic ecosystems are managed to protect the environment.

153 Pages

Alberta State of the Environment: 1995 Report - Waste Management

An overview of the history and process of waste management in Alberta. The report includes information on waste reduction activities in Alberta.

52 Pages
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Alberta State of the Environment: 1998 Report - Air Quality

Explains how Alberta's air quality is affected by natural factors, like climate and weather, and human factors, such as economic activity and industrial emissions. Long-term air quality data for several important contaminants and Alberta's approach to managing air quality are detailed in the report.

63 pages

Wetlands in Alberta

Did you know close to 21% of Alberta is covered with wetlands? This downloadable brochure answers basic questions about wetlands such as: What is a wetland? What is a peatland? How do wetlands contribute to water quality? How can you restore wetlands? and more!
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Published by: Alberta Environment
Alberta State of the Environment: 1994 Comprehensive Report

A guide to the state of Alberta’s environment. Topics covered are: Atmosphere, water, forested land, agricultural land, mineral resources, wetlands, protected areas, waste management and biota.

119 Pages

Weed Awareness for Reclamation: WAR

Contains material intended to educate others about how to prevent the introduction and spread of weeds on reclamation sites.
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Focus On Groundwater: Groundwater Basics

Provides a basic introduction to Alberta's groundwater, answering questions about basic hydrology, groundwater quality and quantity, managing groundwater issues and potential human impacts.
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Focus On Climate Change

This document answers the following questions: What is climate change … and why we should care? Is our climate changing? What is the greenhouse effect? What are the possible effects of climate change in Alberta? So what can we do about climate change?
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