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EnviroKids Celebrate the Environment: English

All the things around you make up your environment. In this book, you are going to learn through many activities about the different parts of the environment - land, air, water and waste. This booklet is not currently available in print format - please download the file.

Stream Connections: Poster

This poster illustrates a typical northern Alberta stream. The back of the poster describes the history, physical characteristics, biodiversity, human uses and issues associated with northern streams. There are also several activities.

The Home We Share: Kit

This resource kit is an environmental education program that will help students learn what the environment is, and recognize their role in the "home we share" - our environment. The four themes of the kit are: What is the Home We Share? Change is All Around Us, Fur Feathers and Fins, and Look at ME in the Home We Share!

Kit contains:

The poster "The Home We Share" (2 copies), The Teacher's Guide, and a set of duplicating masters for the activities on the poster back.

Additional posters are available separately.

Up In The Air: Activity Book

This activity book is intended to introduce children, ages 6-9, to the air around them, what the atmosphere means to them, and what children and their families can do to reduce negative impacts on the atmosphere. 20 Pages Long. Class sets available; please state how many copies you require.

(Maximum 35 copies per class.)

The Living Flow: Water in Alberta: Poster

NOTE: Only the Posters are available. This resource was created for students grades 7-9. Topics dealt with in this resource are water sources, water usage, water conservation and management in Alberta.

Alberta Grasslands: A World at Your Feet: Kit

This kit illustrates vegetation and wildlife found on Alberta’s Prairie and explains how human impact has affected and fragmented grasslands.
The intent of the kit is to provide resource material focused at increasing students’ awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the native grassland ecosystem of Alberta. Students will be introduced to the history, biology, geography and even the economics of the grasslands. They will discover the diversity and value of life provided by our grasslands.

Kit contains:
. Grasslands Poster (2 copies)
. Teacher's Guide (can be downloaded separately, see listing below)
. Activity Masters

Inside Education - Programs and Educational Materials

Inside Education is a non-profit charitable society providing education programming to Alberta teachers and students, community groups and the public who want to learn more about the issues related to environmental sustainability and the development and use of our natural resources.
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Facts About Water in Alberta

An informative booklet describing Alberta's water supply, water quality, aquatic ecosystems, uses of water and water management. (Revised edition of a publication entitled: Water for Life: Facts and Information on Water in Alberta 2002)
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Kananaskis Country Educational Resources

For more than 20 years, the Kananaskis Country Environmental Education Program has developed and presented educational programs and support materials that increase awareness, understanding, and promotes environmental literacy of the natural world.

The website lists programs, free educational resources, information on planning your file study, professional development opportunities, edu-kits and other website links.

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Arbor Day Teacher's Resource Guide

This guide is designed to assist Grade One teachers in the implementation of Arbor Day in the classroom. In celebration of Arbor Day, Alberta Environment provides Grade One students across Alberta with a tree seedling to take home and plant. By using this guide, your students will learn to properly care for their seedlings while covering objectives from Alberta’s Grade One Science Unit, “Needs of Animals and Plants”.
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