Biodiversity and One Simple Act

Biodiversity and You

Changing the world begins with us. Small actions by each of us add up to make a significant difference for the world. There are many actions we can each take to reduce our environmental footprints and help maintain biodiversity.

Alberta has a wealth of biodiversity in its natural regions. Our unparalled population growth and development over recent years have both placed increased pressure on Alberta’s biodiversity. Below are some actions we can do right now to protect biodiversity in Alberta. Choose one or more actions that you commit to starting right now, not to the actions that you are currently doing.

Check the action(s) you commit to doing this year.

Habitat Loss

The greatest threat to biodiversity in Canada are the changes made to ecological regions by people, mainly because of competing land uses such as agriculture and urbanization. 

I will plant native species to create a natural habitat for flora and fauna.  
I will learn about noxious weeds in Alberta so I can help to manage the local flora and fauna.  
I will naturalize my lawn and yard. I will plant a variety of flowers and trees in my yard to attract birds and insects.  
I will have a chemical-free yard and garden to keep the soil and water clean. (No fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.)  
I will remember that only rain water should go down storm drains to protect the wetlands in the watershed that I live in.  
I will create a habitat by putting a pond or a bird bath in my yard.  
I will create other types of habitats by planting nectar flowers, berry bushes, fruit and nut trees (but not in bear country).  

Invasive Alien Species

Worldwide, invasive alien species are considered the second greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. Invasive alien species are able to reproduce and spread rapidly because they often have no natural predators, or are so well-adapted and aggressive that their populations out-compete native species.

I will learn about purple loosestrife and will remove it or not plant it in my garden.  
I will participate in a local Purple Pull (a wetland clean-up of purple loosestrife) or another kind of pull.  
I will learn more about invasive species and noxious weeds and remove them to make room for native plants.  
I will wash my recreational boat after I leave one of Alberta's lakes to prevent the spread of Eurasian Milfoil from one water body to another.  
I will admire and appreciate flora and fauna in other parts of the world instead of bringing a sample home.  
I will place pets into adoption instead of releasing them into the wild.  

Sustainable Use

Sustainable use means using resources wisely so they are available for future generations. 

I will purchase only as much food as I can consume so food won't spoil in my fridge.  
I will use leftovers in my meal planning.  
I will practice the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in that order to decrease my consumption and waste production.  

Climate Change

Reduce your carbon footprint by using energy wisely. 

I will choose foods that are in season and grown locally to decrease the transportation distance.  
I will eat more foods lower on the food chain whenever possible. (Mom was right when she said eat your vegetables.)  
I will reduce my home heating and electricity use. (Find out how you can be efficient in your home through the EnerGuide for Houses program.)  
I will choose energy-efficient appliances. (New refrigerators use 40 per cent less energy than models made just 10 years ago.)  
I will walk, bike, carpool or take public transit to get to one of my regular destinations. I will try it for one trip a week.  
5. There is something else I will do for biodiversity. Describe below in a sentence that begins with "I will..."
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