Alberta Culture Days 2017 - General Public Survey

1. Gender
2. In which age category do you fit?
15 to 17 years  
18 to 19 years  
20 to 24 years  
25 to 34 years  
35 to 44 years  
45 to 54 years  
55 to 64 years  
65 years and over  
Prefer not to answer  
3. What are the first three digits of your postal code?
4. What Town/City did you attend the event in?
5. Have you attended Alberta Culture Days events in the past?
Don't know/not sure  
6. As a result of attending an Alberta Culture Days event, do you see value in supporting events of this nature?
Don't know/not sure  
7. Are you aware that Alberta Culture Days takes place yearly during the last weekend of September?
Don't know/not sure  
8. How did you hear about this event? Please, check all that apply.
Newspaper article/ad  
Radio ad  
Culture Days website  
Online web ad  
Word of mouth  
Other (please specify):  
9. Why did you attend today's event? Please, check all that apply.
To enjoy art (including literary arts, visual arts and crafts, and performing arts)  
Alberta Culture Days events are free  
To learn more about my own cultural heritage  
To learn more about Alberta's cultural diversity   
Alberta Culture Days are family friendly   
10. If you did participate in activities put on by this organization, will you: (please, check all that apply)
Attend more arts and cultural events  
Start an art practice of some kind (writing, singing, playing an instrument, etc.)  
Take classes related to arts or cultural activity   
Volunteer with an arts or cultural organization   
Become more aware of cultural diversity in your community  
Have a better understanding of Alberta's history  
None of the above   
Other (please specify):  
11. Which of the following are the three most important attributes that you appreciate about Alberta Culture Days?
Alberta Culture Days activities are free  
There are a lot of activities in my community to choose from  
I can attend activities that I can't normally afford to attend  
Alberta Culture Days takes place on a weekend  
It is a chance to try something new  
It is a chance to do something with friends and/or family  
None of the above   
Don't know/not sure  
Other (please specify):  
12. What did you particularly like about today's event(s)?