Condominium Property Regulation: Governance and Dispute Resolution Survey

Introduction -
Modernizing Alberta's Condo Laws

Your government is committed to making everyday life better for you and your family. We understand the need for clear and modern legislation to support responsible self-governance of vibrant condominium communities and to protect owners of condominiums.

Actions Taken

The Condominium Property Amendment Act (CPAA) was passed by the Alberta Legislature in December 2014. Since then, we have been working to develop the regulations to bring these more than 60 changes into effect. We recognize this has been a lengthy process, but nearly one-quarter of all homes now sold in Alberta are condominiums. It’s important we get this legislation right for the hundreds of thousands of current and future Alberta condo owners.

We intend to bring in improvements in two phases.

The first phase focuses on new protections for buyers of newly-built and conversion condominiums. This includes:

  • Better purchase disclosures at the point-of-sale, including occupancy date for their unit.  
  • Realistic operating budget and estimated condo fees.  
  • Trust money safeguards.  
  • Cancellation rights for certain long term contracts entered into by the developer. 

These changes will come into effect starting January 1, 2018. Thank you to the many condo owners, boards, and developers who worked with Service Alberta to provide input into these improvements during our first round of public consultations.

Where We Are Today

Now we are looking for your feedback on the second phase of changes to Alberta's condo laws. The second phase will address how condo boards govern themselves, including insurance requirements, voting procedures, and reserve fund plans. We have heard loud and clear that an accessible dispute resolution process is essential to condo living. The tribunal is intended to be an affordable and efficient forum to resolve condo disputes between condo boards, owners, occupants, and other interested parties. Once available, it will provide a lower-cost alternative to the courts for condo owners. We are working diligently to put this in place as soon as possible.

Public Survey on Condo Governance and Dispute Resolution

Significant public input received to date informs this second stage survey on condo governance issues that require improvements. These include a series of open houses held across the province in July and August. This survey focuses on the effective governance of condominium corporations and will support the Government of Alberta in developing the second phase regulations. We want to learn more about your perspectives on topics and issues that affect the day-to-day lives of thousands of condominium owners and others involved in Alberta’s condominium sector.

The following topics are included in this survey:

  • Voting Procedures 
  • Notice of General Meetings 
  • Corporation Documents 
  • Money Owed to the Corporation 
  • Rules of the Corporation 
  • Borrowing by the Corporation 
  • Rental Deposits 
  • Insurance Requirements 
  • Reserve Funds 
  • Termination of a Condominium Corporation 
  • Dispute Resolution 
  • Condominium Boards
  • Additional Comments