Sixties Scoop Apology Engagement

It is not necessary for you to put your name on this form. Your ideas will remain confidential and will be used to inform what a meaningful government apology looks like. Please submit your completed form in the clearly marked submission boxes below. Thank you for participating in the process.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provide the Authority to collect, use and disclose information. The aforementioned Act applies to all records collected through the Provincial Engagement with Sixties Scoop Survivors from any sources, including but not limited to meeting notes, presentations, submissions, and reports; and, any document created in the course of fulfilling its work.

If you have questions about the collection, use and disclosure of information, please contact the Secretariat Support at 780-644-7051 or by email at Thank you.
1. How has being a Sixties Scoop survivor impacted you or loved ones?
2. What does a meaningful apology look like?
3. When someone says “I’m sorry” what does that mean to you?
4. What desires/hopes do you have coming out of an apology?