North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council: Recommendations Report Survey

We are seeking your input to inform the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. This survey invites Albertans to review and provide feedback on the Recommendations Document developed by the North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council (RAC). A full copy of the Recommendations Document is available at:

This online survey will be open to the public until May 4th, 2018. The RAC recommendations, combined with public feedback, will be used by the Government of Alberta to inform the development of a draft North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. Additional opportunities to provide feedback will be provided to Albertans as the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan is developed.

Throughout the development of the regional plan, we want to hear from all Albertans. The feedback provided by local residents, landowners, recreational enthusiasts, Indigenous communities, industry, and small businesses will help us develop a plan that:

  • Protects critical headwaters, lakes and wetlands,
  • Supports existing industrial and agricultural development,
  • Encourages economic diversification in local communities,
  • Respects traditional Indigenous use,
  • Enhances recreational opportunities, and
  • Promotes growth in regional tourism.

We are committed to being respectful, inclusive, responsive and transparent in our consultations with Albertans. Your views are essential to help build regional plans that achieve our desired outcomes. Please note that none of the questions are mandatory and you can complete the questions you wish to answer.

Further information on the Land-use Framework, regional planning and North Saskatchewan Regional Plan Consultation sessions is available at:

The RAC is independent from government and was appointed by order-in-council to provide strategic advice, analysis, and options for consideration in the development of the NSRP. The RAC was comprised of 27 Albertans who live, work, recreate in the region; they were able to strategically consider what is best for the region at a holistic level. 

RAC members attended eight multi-day, facilitated meetings in locations across the region during 2014.  During these meetings, RAC members were provided information on provincial policies, regional environmental and social issues, and potential strategies by the Land Use Secretariat and a cross-government Land-use Framework Integration Team which included officials from Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy; Culture and Tourism, Transportation, Municipal Affairs, Aboriginal Relations, Treasury Board and Finance, and Innovation and Advanced Education. 

RAC also received information from additional government and guest speakers to support their discussions and deliberations.  RAC members ensured their advice was formed from objective experiences and facts, versus personal opinion; therefore, RAC’s advice to government is considered informed opinion.

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The collection of any personal information is authorized under Section 33 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the privacy provisions of that act will protect your information. Your personal information is being collected to allow the Land Use Secretariat to provide you with additional information about the Land-use Framework initiative. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, please contact:

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