Condominium Regulation Survey - Stage Two Governance


The Condominium Property Amendment Act (CPAA) was passed by the Alberta Legislature in December 2014. Since then, we have been working to develop the regulations to bring more than 60 changes into effect. These changes are intended to modernize the legislation and ensure the diverse needs of condominium stakeholders are met. We recognize this has been a lengthy process, but nearly one-quarter of all homes now sold in Alberta are condominiums. It’s important we get this legislation right and ensure there are protections and clear rules in place for owners, boards and corporations.


The regulations are being implemented in three stages. In early 2018, the Stage One regulations came into force to enhance protections for buyers of newly built and recently converted condominiums. For more information about the Stage One changes or the other stages of implementation, please visit:


The Stage Two amendments focus on condominium governance. Between July 2017 and February 2018, we conducted Stage Two consultations that reached over 6,500 Albertans. This included a wide range of stakeholders such as condo owners, managers, legal and real estate professionals, and stakeholders from business and industry.


Based on input received, the Government of Alberta has developed draft regulations to improve condominium corporation governance. Some of these changes are necessary to implement the CPAA, while others are intended to clarify the existing legislation. These regulations strive to balance the diverse interests and best meet the needs of all affected parties.


This survey is intended to give you the chance to provide feedback about the draft regulations. Your input will be used to assess the draft regulations and determine if they are responsive, properly formulated, and effectively implement the proposed amendments to the Act.




This survey contains 19 sections. The first 18 sections deal with governance topics, and include a summary of the issue or issues being addressed, the draft proposed regulation for that issue, and a reference to the applicable section of the CPAA or existing regulation. Each of these sections will ask you for your levels of support on a scale of 1-5, as well as select whether you have concerns with the wording of the draft regulation. If you select 1, 2 or 3, or if you select that you have concerns with the wording, you will have the opportunity to provide greater feedback regarding your concerns with the proposed sections.


The final section will give you an opportunity to provide any general or other comments on the draft regulation.


You may answer only those questions that interest you, and do not have to answer every question. Each section will take about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. The entire survey will take approximately 30 minutes if you complete every question. Please ensure you click or tap the submit button on the final page when you are finished the survey.


To view a draft copy of the Condominium Property Regulation with the new sections added, please visit:

Section 20.55 of the draft regulations creates rules regarding the length of time a condominium corporation must retain documents. To view a draft copy of the draft document retention schedule, please visit:


Your feedback is important to ensuring that the proposed provisions strike the right balance for owners, corporations and boards.  Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.