AB Direct Market Fruit/Veg Price Survey - 2018/2019

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on current pricing considerations for fruit and vegetables marketed directly to consumers, either on-farm or through a farmers' market.

The various fruit and vegetable crops are grouped into similar crop groups, with 3 Fruit Crop groups and 9 Vegetable Crop groups. The area or volume of each crop that is grown does not matter, but solely the price.


1) You can choose whether you grow Fruit, Vegetables or Both, potentially narrowing down the number of crop groups presented for you to enter data.

2) For each crop group, select a CROP from the dropdown menu, followed by a MARKET CHANNEL (e.g. u-pick) and UNIT TYPE (e.g pounds or bag). Enter a PRICE (in dollars and cents) for that crop, market channel and unit, as well as any additional information in the COMMENTS box.

3) For each additional crop, and/or market channel or unit type, repeat the process. You do not have to fill in all of the rows.

4) If you do not grow any of the crops in a particular crop group, just select "I don't grow any of these crops" and move to the next group.

5) At any time, you may enter information in the TEXT box on each page.

All of the data collected will be combined and averaged, with only those sets that contain sufficient data points being reported.

NOTE: If at any point you find that you cannot complete the entire survey at that moment, the Save option allows you to send a link to your e-mail to pick up where you left off.

Privacy Clause:

The information and comments you provide by participating in this volunteer survey for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) are being collected under the authorization of Section 8(2) of the Government Organization Act, and will be managed in accordance with Part 2 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. The price information you provide is being collected for the purpose of compiling the Alberta Direct Market Fruit and Vegetable Price Report and for differentiating between individual submitters. The information will be used to compile aggregated industry price ranges and averages; the aggregated price information will be made publicly available. Any personal information and comments you provide will not be disclosed publicly.

The information and comments you provide will not be used for any other purpose than stated, without your consent, or unless required to do so by law. Should you wish to have your personal information removed, corrected or have any other concerns pertaining to your personal information, please contact: Carmen Andrew, Director, Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry, Telephone 403-742-7542, Email carmen.andrew@gov.ab.ca.

For any question or concerns about the survey, please contact: Robert C.J. Spencer, Commercial Horticulture Specialist, Alberta Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry, Toll Free: 310-FARM (3276), Telephone 403-742-7563, Email robert.spencer@gov.ab.ca.