Minister's Parent Advisory Council Application Form

The personal information in this form is being collected under section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and may be used for the purpose of determining the eligibility of being selected to participate in the Minister’s Parent Advisory Council. If you have any questions regarding the collection of this information, please contact Sean Carter, 780-643-9401,

Applicant information
1. Surname (last name)
2. First name (preferred name)
3. Contact phone number (format: area code-xxx-xxxx)
4. Email address
5. Home address (without city/town or postal code)
6. City / town
7. Postal code (format: A1A 1A1)
8. Number of children in K to 12 (starting September 1, 2021)
9. Grades of children (K to 12, starting September 1, 2021). Check all that apply.
Kindergarten to Grade 3  
Grade 4 to Grade 6  
Grade 7 to Grade 9  
Grade 10 to Grade 12  

School authority (that your child / children attend), or Charter / Private school name, if applicable. If homeschooled, please indicate.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:
The Calgary Board of Education, The Edmonton Catholic Separate School Division, The Southern Francophone Education Region, Suzuki Charter School, Tempo School, etc. 

Full list can be found here: 

11. Are you a member of a school council?
12. Are you a member of an education organization? If yes, please indicate which organization.

Authorization and Declaration:

  • I confirm the information provided in this Application Package is accurate, complete and truthful.
  • I have read and understand the Minister’s Parent Advisory Council Fact Sheet.
  • I consent to participating in the application process for the Minister’s Parent Advisory Council.
  • I understand that if I am selected to participate in the Minister’s Parent Advisory Council, Alberta government staff will work with me to create a public profile that will be limited to my name, photo, and a brief description of my skill set. I acknowledge that this profile will be publicly disclosed by Alberta Education through department newsletters, websites and social media accounts to promote and advertise the Minister’s Parent Advisory Council and its activities. I further understand that a Media Release form will be required prior to my public profile being disclosed by the Government of Alberta.

If you select "No" your application will not be used.