Library Stakeholder Engagement - Fall 2021 Survey

Public Library Services Branch invites the library community to give feedback on possible red tape reductions in the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation.

We are asking for your feedback on five topics:

1) public library board governance, including appointments, meetings and policies;
2) public library system participation, agreements, and Public Library Network services;
3) intermunicipal public library boards (and federation library boards);
4) a requirement for public library boards that serve populations over 10,000 to hire professional librarians; and
5) in addition to the above, suggested administrative changes to the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation identified through engagement activities carried out in fall 2019.

Please read the corresponding information provided in each topic question and provide your comments.

The survey will remain open until October 8, 2021.


1. First and Last Name:
2. Library, Board, or Municipality:
3. Role:
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